Running uphill, both ways.

May 30, 2010 § Leave a comment

Like the yarn old-timers will tell you–my run today, an out-and-back, was uphill both ways.

At least it seemed that way from a visual point-of-view. I was running along the SW Bike Trail and on the way out, while looking ahead it looked like a slow, gradual incline so I figured I was putting some money in the altitude bank for a fast return trip.

But on the way home, a funny thing happened. After turning around, I noticed it still looked like a slow, gradual climb.

Obviously, my eyes were playing tricks on me but for some reason I’ve never noticed this before or at least this pronounced. Not sure what the deal was. I think I actually was climbing on the way out but I’ve got such a slow Internet connection I may not get a chance to verify for a while. Either way, it wasn’t a huge elevation change.


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