July 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

I got about a week head-start from the rest of the State of Minnesota and shutdown my running a week before July 1st.


Following Bjorklund, my calf was still hurting.  I eased my way through a 2-miler two days after the race and then a 3-miler after that.  Six days after the race, I went for a four-miler on the horse trails at  Carver Park Reserve and things didn’t go so well.  I think my legs were still vulnerable and the uneven footing ate up my legs.  Later that night while dealing with our dog, I ended up twisting my sore right knee and Ouch!

Since then, I haven’t run.  I’ve rested it, I’ve iced it. It actually feels a lot better so far today (although I’ve spent most of today composing this post).  I have an appointment in 5 days at an orthopediatrician and hopefully it will be mostly heeled by then.

For now, I rest.  Kind of–still have a ton of yard work I’ll hobble through (not smart).

So far, I have not gotten too nutty from not running–I had planned to take two easy weeks after Bjorklund anyhow. so I’m not feeling like I’m losing training. 

 We’ve had some end-of-fiscal-year projects due (I do work for the state of Minnesota but am not laid off due to the shutdown) that needed some extra attention this past week so I’ve thrown some extra energy into those and that has helped my sanity.

I had a passing thought about running another half on the 4th to  redeem myself a bit but I threw that idea out when I tweaked my knee.  There is a 5k in my small town a week from today that I haven’t completely ruled out.

But for now, I’m just hoping to heal.  Not going to run until I can at least walk without worrying about hurting myself.



July 30, 2010 § 1 Comment

I am cautiously calling myself recovered in time for August. I rand 2.5 on Wednesday with minor tightness but no pain. I spent about 30 minutes do various stretches later that night. Thursday I felt better than I had Wednesday morning but still halfheartedly spent 15 minutes stretching last night.

Some minor soreness today and felt some tightness, especially early and as I ran uphill in my 2.75 run today. But I noticed during the longest climb–starting at just after 2 miles–that I had stopped paying attention to my calf. The pain was gone. Still have a variety of sorenesses and my conditioning stinks but as I sit here, I honestly don’t feel anything in my calf. I think careful running and minor stretching was a faster road to recovery than either shutting it completely down or trying to run through it. Still might take the day off tomorrow but, depending on how I feel, might try for 4 or 5 on Sunday.

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