October Totals

November 1, 2010 § Leave a comment

October has been a month of transition for me–I finished the Salomon Autumn Trail Series mid-month and have not scheduled any other races although I may try to sneak something in.

My final race in that series was a stinker–I had been sick the two days before it and would not have run it if I did not have a streak of running all previous 7 editions of it.  I found out later that dental problems cause my illness–a good chunk of one tooth had broken off.  Not sure how I did not notice.  Once I got a filling, I felt better.

The fear with no races planned is that I will find it too easy to let up.  So I’m pretty satisfied with my monthly mileage of 84.6 miles at an average pace of 8:23.  That falls to 77.3 miles at 8:09 pace if I throw out warm-ups and a walk-jog I did with a fellow runner I bumped into during a Sunday long run.


Weekly Report, October 3

October 4, 2010 § Leave a comment

Another week where I got my runs in from work but didnt do anything on the weekend. We had family party on Saturday and more on Sunday so ended up missing my runs–I felt I would be better off taking an off day and resting the Achilles some rather than get a mid-effort run in. I wanted to try for a 9-miler this weekend.

Monday: Off
Tuesday 3.29 (8:38)
Wed 2.15 warmup
Wed 3.57 race 25:08 (7:02)
Thur 3.23 (8:50)
Fri 3.99 (7:49)

Total for week: 16.24 (8:21)
Oct Totals: 3.99 (7:49)

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