Nike Air PegasusĀ 27+

September 21, 2010 § Leave a comment

Picked up my latest pair of Nike Pegasuses last week from Gear West in Long Lake. One of my anxieties in moving 130 miles west is that I was losing Fast Fred, my shoe guy. I’ve run in the same shoes (Nike Pegasus, size 11, wide/2E) for over a decade. While Pegasus are available everywhere, the wide part throws the big box guys usually. Besides Fred works at a locally owned store and is a great guy that has been running longer than the teen-age clerks at the big boxes have been alive.

The first thing that has struck me about the latest Pegasus model is the plainness of it. Seemed like a step backwards in time. I thought that I was more concerned with function than form and while the shoes have worked fine in the few runs I have used them for, I was initially disappointed in their appearance.

The funny thing about wearing 11 2Es is that I use to wear 10 1/2 (or maybe even 10) regulars and had horrible blister problems between my toes. While still in college, I thought I would save some money and bought a pair of wides at Rogan’s and my blister problems shockingly disappeared. I had accepted the blisters as a side-effect of running and hadn’t considered that I may have been running in too small of shoe. I moved up to size 11 when Fred only had that size in stock and I thought I would give it a try.

So far, the new shoes are running fine–I still have some Achilles soreness, more in my right leg, but it is not getting any worse. I do kind of wonder if the protective part on the back of the shoe is related to the problem at all.



August 1, 2010 § Leave a comment

Did we really wear this?

I wasn’t running much in ’89 but did we really wear these kinda colors? Pink? On a men’s shoe? Really? Eeeesh.

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