A New Phase

March 30, 2011 § 1 Comment

After “building base” for the last few weeks, I enter a new phase this week–focusing on repetition (strength) work.   Last week was difficult, for a variety of excuses, I missed four consecutive days.  A mini-taper I guess for this new phase.

The difficult part of this first week is that I’m planning on running a race, the Ron Daws Memorial 25k, on Saturday.  I am hoping to do a hill workout on Tuesday and then take easy days until the race.

It is fitting that this race comes during this week.  While most of my training plan is using Jack Daniels‘ plan, the rep work I am doing comes out of Daws‘ book, Running Your Best: The Committed Runner’s Guide to Training and Racing.

Daws credits Arthur Lydiard with the hill drills that he details in his book.  The circuits I do include an uphill portion that include various plyometric drills like skipping, prancing, butt-kickers, bounding, and broad-jumps.  After a recovery, I do 2×200 meter rep, and a rapid downhill.  And repeat.

The trouble with doing this and then racing is that at first, it makes you weaker before it makes you stronger.

But I figure that running the Ron Daws 25k was an acceptable option.  Not only because of its name but because from everything I’ve heard, it is a killer course. A hilly course that will give both a douse of strength work and, because of the distance, endurance work.  May be a bit early in the training cycle but I can always back off during the race.

And, incidentally, I’ve been prehabbing–it seems every year when I start doing these hill workouts, my ITB starts to bother me. Several years ago, I saw a physical therapist for this and was given some exercises to do.  Whenever I have hill-induced ITB problems, the same exercises help make the ITB problems disappear.  This year, I was smart enough to start the exercises before the hill workouts. Let’s hope they work.


This Week Has Sucked

March 12, 2011 § 1 Comment

Last week my running went great–got in two mid-length runs 6 & 7 miles, a fast 2.75 tempo run and a long run of 11 miles, my longest in many months, on Sunday.

This week my running has been next to nil.  A few shorts runs–3, 4.5, and 2–interspersed between days off.  Took the days off mostly because I wasn’t feeling well.

I’m not outright sick but I’ve had a feeling of something just not being right.  I’m a little dizzy, a little nauseous.  Nothing that has completely knocked me down–well, Wednesday night, it did knock me down.  I came back from dance class (my daughter’s dance class, not mine) and done immediately into bed, did not get undressed, did not pass go, and didn’t collect $200 and I just shook.  Had a case of the shakes.  Came out of nowhere.  Haven’t felt right yet.

Not time to panic, I have really only missed two medium work-outs.  I ate normal meal last night so hopefully that will help.  I’m considering the days off as recovery days and when I get back to running they will just have made me stronger.

I should also be a bit stronger because I joined a gym.  Haven’t actually been back to the gym after signing up but plan to do some core work.  Wife has been wanting to tone up some and as long as we visit regularly, my health insurance will pay for most of it, so we signed up.  It is part of a chainand has a small location about a half mile from mile house and about a 30 second walk from my work.

With Daws Hill workouts coming soon, the one thing I know I should be doing is some exercises to help protect my ITB bands.  Each year as I shift into Hill work-outs (combined with plyometrics) they start to bother me.  Problems go away as soon as I do my ITB excercies–shown to me by a physical therapist to rehab from ITB problems, they use big rubber bands and various drills.

Anyhow that has been my week so far–it also included my 41st birthday–well not spectacular, if I get a decent long run (12 miles) in tomorrow, it will have been a good week.


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