What I Ate, Monday, May 23, 2011

May 23, 2011 § 2 Comments

In what I plan on being a 1-week experiment, I’ve decided to track my food intake for a week. For many years, I have been stuck around 160 pounds. I’m not fat but I do have some extra weight around my waist that I would like to get rid of. I should be doing more core work but I think the biggest problem is that I like to pig out.  Too often I eat more than I should because I like to eat.

Out of curiosity, I want to see how much (especially with calories) I actually eat so I’m going to track & post it here. I’ll preface this with two comments. First, I’m pretty boring with what I eat–the same things most mornings & lunch.  Second, and I already know this has happened, the fact that I’m tracking what I eat will affect what and how much I actually eat.

Time Ate Calories
5:30 1 cup Raisin Bran (190)  w/1 cup 1% milk (118) 310
6:30 40oz Water 0
8:30 Blueberry Bagel 230
12:30 Ham Sandwich on Onion Bun (210) w/Mustard (15)

Banana (105)

3:30 Large Apple (100) 100
5:30 Peanut Butter Sandwich (350)

1 oz LAY’S® Tangy Carolina BBQ Chips (160)

7:30 2 Turkey Legs (350 each)

1 1/2 Cups Potatoes (430)

1 Strawberry (10)

Total 2,270

A pretty good day, methinks. I did not run but did spend nearly an hour mowing the lawn so that burned some extra calories. The item that surprised me was the 230 calories for a plain blueberry bagel.


Weigh In 9/23/2010

September 23, 2010 § Leave a comment

I have tried to lose weight for too long. Mostly, I hover around 160–I would like to get down to 155ish. Actually, I’m more interested in losing bulk around my midsection than weight but weight serves as a good proxy even though a mirror can quickly tell me what I need to know.

So I plan on starting to regularly post my weight/percent body fat/body fat weight/percent body hydration. Yesterday, I weighed in (on my $20 Taylor scale from Menards) at:

161.8 lbs, 20.1% BF (32.5 lb), and 54.6%.

My weight-management strategy is four-fold:

1) Drink a good amount (32oz) of water in the morning as I commute to work hoping to fill my belly with 0 calories and prevent any pseudo-weight loss in the form of dehydration.
2) I let myself be hungry at times.
3) Portion control–instead of eating until I’m stuffed, eat just until I’m not hungry.
4) Eat a lot of healthy filler–basically fruit and vegetables. The good stuff that I do not need to be concerned about eating.

I’m hoping for a sensible, 1 pound per month reduction. That would mean next spring I would have a little less to haul around when I run.

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