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Do you have so many Marathon Medals lying around that you don’t know what to do with them?  How about donating them to Medals4Mettle, a non-profit organization that takes the medals and presents them to those who are in a “their own marathon to continue to live their life”.

Runners and Tri-athletes can donate medals earned from marathons, half-marathons, or triathlon events.  Medals4Mettle takes these medals, puts on their own Medals4Mettle ribbon, and distributes them through their network of physicians to patients who are battling against illness to acknowledge the courage they display in their battles.

They also accept cash donations and have local chapters in several cities through the US and Canada.

Give them a look.



5k…We’re On Our Way! (Classroom Project at

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I received a $15 coupon this weekend while shopping at Borders.  The coupon can be used to make a donation at

I did not know about Donors Choose before.  They allow public school teachers to post a project they want to do in their classroom.  The teacher specifies a budget for the project.  Then people/donors can search the projects and donate to any the want to support.

I choose 5k…We’re On Our Way! The teacher wants to show her students that her students “that they CAN complete a 5K race, I know that we can raise their self esteem and tolerance, improve classroom performance, and empower them to make changes in our community, not just become another statistic.”

I know running has improved my life a lot and hope it can help her students.


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