The Value of a Backdoor

July 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

I found something very valuable a couple of weeks ago–a backdoor.

The hardest part of running from work for me has always been getting from the locker room (bathroom) out of the parking lot. Prancing through the hallways in my running gear makes me a bit self-conscience. Which is a bit odd since I feel completely comfortable running in town and never had much of a modesty problem.

Maybe it is because I’m mixing two different, distinct worlds–my running and my work–and I do not know how to merge the two into one. Having one set of friends (wing buddy) meet a different set (college roommate) is often awkward for me, I have two different relationship, act in different ways depending on who I am with so I do not know how to act when they come together.

Standing out is another reason that discourages me from running sometimes. Where I grew up, my previous home, and, to a lesser degree, my new home have all been out in the boonies so I lacked anonymity when I ran. And that made it uncomfortable for me to do it. I prefer running “in town”, along the bike trail, or someplace where “everyone Doesn’t know my name”. Odd because I identify myself as a runner, I’m not embarrassed about it or anything, just do not like people seeing me make the transition between my other roles and being a runner.

I originally planned on joining the gym near my new office. Figured I could change there, go for a run, and shower afterward. My health plan would cover about half of the dues so it would be a minimal monthly fee. And I may still do that but I happily discovered a back door to our building. I can change in a downstairs bathroom and sneak out for a run without minimal chance anyone will see me.

So for the last two weeks, I have sneaked in runs during the days. We have to take a half hour lunch, so by extending that I have got my runs in without prolonging my workday.


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