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March 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

The next 10 day weather forecast is exciting:

The temperature is supposed to get above freezing every single day for the next 10 days.

This has been a long, tough winter for running. We received a lot of snow early and while not horribly cold, the temperature was cold enough that the snow has stayed and stayed and stayed. So we still have snow banks and ice patches. The footing has been tough and it has been slow going so I’m looking forward to a melt-off and clear running. Not to mention discarding a few layers.

Boy was it tough getting up at 4:45 today after running long and switching back to Daylight Savings Time. Right ankle is a bit sore from yesterday’s run, as are both Achilles tendons but that is typical. Plan for an easy 3 this afternoon for a purely recovery run.


an old dog

January 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

I have been running off & on since 1984, so I tend to think I know  a bit about running and have seen a lot while running.  Today reminded me that each & every day delivers new knowledge and experiences, albeit often small, silly ones.

Although the temperature was a near-tropical 20 degrees Fahrenheit as I went for my lunch-time run, I choose to wear my running tights.  Actually two layers of tights–the first a very thin, spandex pair that, I’m slightly embarrassed to admit, date back to my high school years.  But they serve their purpose–they are knee-length, capri-style (yes, I confess, they are women’s tights) that help keep my hamstrings warm and hopefully less vulnerable to injury.

Putting on my second, thicker and warmer pair of Starter tights, I noticed that they went on much easier because I had put my socks on first.  The tights slid smoothly over my feet instead of sticking to my feet, especially the heel.  For all my years running, either I never noticed this or had never put my socks on before my tights.  This discovery gave me a little lift as I ventured outside.

One of the side, perhaps only, benefits to how much snow we’ve received in the Twin Cities is that we have huge snow banks especially on many residential side streets.  Not so great for drivers trying to make a turn–you have to creep out onto the street because of the limited visibility.  Having huge snowbanks in the way does not help your average pace but they sure increase the fun factor of your run.

I do not remember having such large snow banks–it may be partly due to moving/working in a larger city, but it really is due to the large amount of snow we have had with minimal chance for a melt-off.  Not only are the several chest-high snowbanks on my routes, some of the take 2 or three strides to cross before going back down.  Normally, you go up a couple of steps and then you go down a couple more.  I’m finding banks that you go up a couple of steps, then across a couple before going back down.  Just unbelievable and a ton of fun.  Slows your pace down, but gotta believe it is doing something for my strength.

The other thing I saw  today for the first time was as I was tooting along a sidewalk, I saw a mailman a half block ahead of me.  Then I saw something red fall to the ground.   As I got up to it, I saw it was a RedBox envelope–the mailman was dropping the mail!  I couldn’t believe it.  Growing up in a rural area, I loved getting the mail, it made me feel connected to the rest of the world.  In theory, I could get mail from anywhere.  So I found it shocking that a mailman could be so careless as to drop the mail–isn’t that like the first thing they teach in mail-delivery school?  Don’t lose the mail.

So in one day of running, I found two little gems that I’ll probably forget by next week but they brightened this day.

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