Race Schedule, second half of 2011

July 9, 2011 § 1 Comment

Now that I’m healthy and waiting for my Garmin to charge, thought I should declare the rest of my summer/fall training & racing plans.

It’s time to work on speed.  So I’m targeting a bunch of shorter races–mostly cross country-style (the best) races.

While I would like to run ALL these races, I won’t because even if I had the time & money, my old bones, or more likely, my old tendons and ligaments, wouldn’t hold up–especially running 5 races, including a half-marathon, over 20 days in late August.

But I would like to build a mini-Cross Country season for myself between the two trail series (potentially 9 races) and the first and last race on the list.  Cross Country was my introduction into the sport and still my favorite type of races.  Running the shorter races on softer ground makes racing more often possible.

7/9 Mayer Run For the Son.  I would have felt like I HAD to run this since it is in the small town that I live in.  But it got cancelled.  Probably a good thing for me since I shouldn’t be racing yet.

*7/23 Oulu Rock Run 5k This is a Must-Do for me, it’s in my hometown.

7/28 Lifetime Fitness Trail Series.  4.5 Miles, Hyland Park Reserve. This is part 1 of 5 of a trail series at parks throughout the area.  I ran one last year and it was fun–relatively cheap and good race with good grub (beer!) and SWAG.  I probably won’t run all 5.

7/28 Rice St Mile. 1 Mile.  I ran several years ago–I’m tempted to run it just as a measuring stick although given the choice between this and the trail run on the same day, probably will do the trail run.

*8/6&7 RRCA Coaching Certification.  The Road Runners Club of America puts on training classes to become a certified running coach.  I’ve thought about doing this for a couple years but either missed the registration period or couldn’t afford the time.  Made a special effort this year to make sure I got in.

8/11 Lifetime Fitness Trail Series.  5 Miles, Murphy-Hanrehan Park Reserve. One of the nice thing about this series is that the races are during the week which frees up the weekend.

8/13 Rockford River Run 5k   I ran this 5k last year and would like to do it again this year for comparison’s sake.

8/21 Minneapolis 13.1 This is where things get interesting. Considering my plan of training for the shorter races, why would I consider this? Two reasons, (a) To give myself a second chance to redeem myself, especially after doing some speed work, (b) I might get comped to do this–more detail in a later post.  They also have a 5k that would make more sense.

8/25 Lifetime Fitness Trail Series.  3.2 Miles, Clifton E. French Regional Park. One of the nice thing about this series is that the races are during the week which frees up the weekend.

*8/31 Solomon Autumn Trail Series.  This is the third year of this 4-part trail series.  I’ve run all eight races in this series’ history–a feet only matched by my nemesis, Scott– so I feel obligated to continue the streak.

9/8 Lifetime Fitness Trail Series. 5 Miles, Carver Park Reserve.  I ran this edition last summer since it is close to home.  This is also where I screwed up my knee a couple weeks ago.

*9/14  Solomon Autumn Trail Series.  This series is also run weeknights so it doesn’t interfere with weekend plans.

9/17 Fall Frolic 5k.  This 5k is put on to support the Chippewa Falls Cross Country team.  I’ve run it couple times before, including once where I ran the loop part–it is a lollipop course–backwards and had to meet all the other runners.  Oooops!

9/22 Lifetime Fitness Trail Series.  5.2 Miles, Elm Creek Park Reserve.

* 9/28  Solomon Autumn Trail Series.  The money from this series supports skier, Audrey Weber.

*10/12  Solomon Autumn Trail Series.  It always has great door prizes for the participants.  Great Sponsors.

10/15 Whistlestop Marathon. I probably won’t run the Half Marathon but this is another race close to where I grew up and is run on nice, soft crushed rock trail.  But it is on my radar.

10/29 Carson Park 10 Miler.  Another race I probably won’t do but this is my favorite race of all time.  Perfect time of year, love the distance.  I have not run the new course but it use to be a point-to-point race with an awkward bus ride to the start.  Unfortunately, this is now two hours from where I live.

11/6 Rocky’s Run 11/6 5k/8k This is a CC-style race at the University of Minnesota’s Golf Course.  It seems like a good way to finish off the season.


Race Report: Ron Daws 25k

April 4, 2011 § 1 Comment

After admiring Ron Daws for nearly two decades, being aware of this race for a few years, I have finally had a chance to run it.  I’ve followed the race from afar and know of its reputation of being a tough, hilly race.

It lived up to its reputation.

I used the McMillian Running Calculator to estimate a time–a little over two hours.  So I semi-targeted two hours or 7:45 pace but since I knew it was a tough course and I haven’t run over 13 in this training cycle, I was ready to back off from that.

Making it a little easier to break down mentally, I figured I just needed to run five 24:00 5ks in a row.

The weather was good–upper 30s at the start.  I got to the race on time.  Was able to take care of pending bodily functions.  I debated what to wear on my upper body–I had two shirts, one short-sleeved and one long-sleeved, but didn’t know if I should keep on my wind-breaker jacket.  During a very short warm-up (6 very slow minutes) I decide to keep the jacket because there was a slight wind.

Whether it was my own misunderstanding or the race actually starting late, I was ready to go around 8:00 but we didn’t push off until around 8:15.  The start was interesting–first the race director, Jeff Winter, I believe, was charmingly curmudgeony about avoiding cars and the fact that there were too many runners this year.  And then we had a mass false-start.

But once we got going, I started out pretty well–running each of the first four miles between 7:35 and 7:52 for an average of 7:46 through 4 miles.  But a hill in mile five and some realization that I needed to back off and I ran the next 10 miles at an 8:17 pace (8:10-8:33).  The fifteenth mile was a tad slow, 8:42 as I struggled up the final climb but covered the last three-quarters of a mile at a 8:15 pace so my legs weren’t completely de-spunkified.

My 5k splits were:






Overall, I loved the race.  The course was everything I hoped it to be–tough, I definitely got some serious strength work in.  I can definitely imagine Daws running over those same hills.  The fees were next to nothing ($4).  Had some good conversations during the first half of the run.

The final race results were even posted relatively fast, albeit not necessarily accurate—I had a watch time of 2:08:57 but listed at 2:08:24.  I’m guessing that there was a place problem and I got the time for the runner who finished 2 slots ahead of me.

My legs were beaten the rest of the day, I took Sunday off, and struggled through 3.25 today.  It will be interesting to see how these old legs respond in tomorrow’s hill work.


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