The Week That Was 4/4/2011-4/10/2011

April 11, 2011 § 2 Comments

This was the second of three planned weeks of phase II of my half-marathon training for the Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon in June.  While I completed every work-out, I didn’t dominate them so I’m thinking that I may extend this phase a week.

Looking at this week, on Tuesday, I did a repetition/hill workout and did OK but not great.  I really struggled with my tempo run on Tuesday.  The ideal tempo workout would be 20 minutes at my tempo pace (currently 7:17) but I managed only to do one mile and then a second half mile.  Now, to be fair, this was my first tempo work since last fall so maybe I shouldn’t be too hard on myself but I really struggled with this workout.  My third work-out was a 10 mile long run which I actually over-ran–suppose to do 8:40s but ended up with a 8:28 average.

So overall, I had one bad workout, one so-so workout, and one good workout.  Looking at the schedule, though, Tempo work continues through the rest of the schedule so extending Phase II by a week would really just give me one more rep/hill workout so I’m not sure.  My left hip really bothered me during the disastrous Tempo run.

The good thing is, though, is since getting my Superfeet inserts, I’ve used only my oldest pair of Pegasus and really haven’t noticed an improvement–if anything, they have gotten sorer.  For my long run on Sunday, however, I wore a newer pair and today my Achilles tendons actually feel better than they did Sunday when I work up.  I’ve come up with the theory that new Pegasus provide enough motion-control for me but, as a cushioned shoe, they lose that control more rapidly than a true motion-control shoe.  And as they lose whatever control capabilities my Achilles take the brunt.

That would explain why I get short-term relief from new shoes but it doesn’t last long.  So hopefully switching to a true motion-control shoe will help–maybe I’ll make that more of a priority.  I still have a fresh pair of Pegasus with 0 miles on them that I was going to use before trying something new but maybe that will need to change.


Well that went well.

March 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

After a pretty lame week, I finished off with a long, easy run of 12.25 today.  I plotted out a loop through the country roads.  Spent the first 7.5 cruising easy, a little under the 8:40 pace I was shooting for, and listening to Steve Runner’s Phedippidations.

Had a scare at 2.5 when my right ankle bent sideways they way it’s designed not to when I stepped on a frozen tractor track–had a sharp pain for the a bit and thought I may need to use the cell phone to call for a ride but after a hundred yards or so, it was feeling better and it felt fine after a half mile.  I’ll see how it feels tomorrow.

I switched to the Beatle’s Please Please Me. After P-dip.  I’m glad to run in the country where I don’t have to worry about anyone, other than an occasional cow, hearing me sing along.  I’m an awful signer to begin with, but throw in my breathlessness and the fact I know only a tiny portion of the words and the results would be pretty awful.

My pace did start to slip during the later half–I was also interrupted by a “pack” of dogs from someone’s yard, one that looked pit-bullish and a couple of big, black slobbery dogs.  They just barked but came onto the road, so I ended up walk-jogging through their territory.

I pushed the final mile to 7:48 pace, finished off with an easy quarter to get home.  Overall 12.25 in 1:46ish.

Only have to do one more mile and I’ll be doing my race distance, that always helps the confidence.  I have two more easy weeks before I start throwing in actual work-outs.  Not sure how I’m going to approach that first week, I’m suppose to be doing rep work but have a 25k (15.5 mile) race scheduled–I’ll probably do one introductory rep workout early in the week and the run the race on Saturday.  I’ll run the race hard but not truly be racing.

This Week Has Sucked

March 12, 2011 § 1 Comment

Last week my running went great–got in two mid-length runs 6 & 7 miles, a fast 2.75 tempo run and a long run of 11 miles, my longest in many months, on Sunday.

This week my running has been next to nil.  A few shorts runs–3, 4.5, and 2–interspersed between days off.  Took the days off mostly because I wasn’t feeling well.

I’m not outright sick but I’ve had a feeling of something just not being right.  I’m a little dizzy, a little nauseous.  Nothing that has completely knocked me down–well, Wednesday night, it did knock me down.  I came back from dance class (my daughter’s dance class, not mine) and done immediately into bed, did not get undressed, did not pass go, and didn’t collect $200 and I just shook.  Had a case of the shakes.  Came out of nowhere.  Haven’t felt right yet.

Not time to panic, I have really only missed two medium work-outs.  I ate normal meal last night so hopefully that will help.  I’m considering the days off as recovery days and when I get back to running they will just have made me stronger.

I should also be a bit stronger because I joined a gym.  Haven’t actually been back to the gym after signing up but plan to do some core work.  Wife has been wanting to tone up some and as long as we visit regularly, my health insurance will pay for most of it, so we signed up.  It is part of a chainand has a small location about a half mile from mile house and about a 30 second walk from my work.

With Daws Hill workouts coming soon, the one thing I know I should be doing is some exercises to help protect my ITB bands.  Each year as I shift into Hill work-outs (combined with plyometrics) they start to bother me.  Problems go away as soon as I do my ITB excercies–shown to me by a physical therapist to rehab from ITB problems, they use big rubber bands and various drills.

Anyhow that has been my week so far–it also included my 41st birthday–well not spectacular, if I get a decent long run (12 miles) in tomorrow, it will have been a good week.


Tracking mileage with DAYTUM

January 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

I came across DAYTUM, an online tool that allows you to track things and display graphs/charts showing your progress.  While not especially designed for running or exercising, it does work for a very basic tracking system for those.  You could embed the graphs into a webpage or, I believe, on your iProduct desktop, if you wanted to–to embed into a wordpress blog, you need a plug-in that does not offer as a an option on their free site.

I was especially interested in this because one of the last projects at my last job was to project manage the development of an application that did basically this, albeit at a higher level of sophistication.

DAYTUM is free, wasn’t too bad to set up–might fill someone’s need sometime.


Weekly Report, October 3

October 4, 2010 § Leave a comment

Another week where I got my runs in from work but didnt do anything on the weekend. We had family party on Saturday and more on Sunday so ended up missing my runs–I felt I would be better off taking an off day and resting the Achilles some rather than get a mid-effort run in. I wanted to try for a 9-miler this weekend.

Monday: Off
Tuesday 3.29 (8:38)
Wed 2.15 warmup
Wed 3.57 race 25:08 (7:02)
Thur 3.23 (8:50)
Fri 3.99 (7:49)

Total for week: 16.24 (8:21)
Oct Totals: 3.99 (7:49)

Weekly Report, September 26, 2010

September 26, 2010 § Leave a comment

“That’s fine” was the motto of the week.  Seemed like I kept saying that to myself whenever I check my splits/pace this week.  I’m trying to run my easy runs around 8:30ish but I swayed a lot–mostly running faster.  All of my runs except Saturday were between 8:13 and 7:45, my distance long run on Sunday was at 8:02.  But I kept saying “that’s fine” because all the miles FELT easy.  I’m really just trying to build base here, as you will see when I paste some historic monthly totals, I haven’t been very consistent in my running and I’m just tryig to log 20ish miles per week for several months in a row before doing any real training.

Thursday’s run was the highlight–running in a nice, steady drizzle with some nice puddleage to splash in.

Weeks total: 24.78, average 8:06.  7:23 fast mile.

Month to date:  75.42 (8:12), Year to date: 366.71 (8:17)

Daily Runs:

Monday 4.25

Tues 3

Wed 3

Thur 3.25

Fri Off

Sat 3

Sun 8.25

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