Tracking mileage with DAYTUM

January 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

I came across DAYTUM, an online tool that allows you to track things and display graphs/charts showing your progress.  While not especially designed for running or exercising, it does work for a very basic tracking system for those.  You could embed the graphs into a webpage or, I believe, on your iProduct desktop, if you wanted to–to embed into a wordpress blog, you need a plug-in that does not offer as a an option on their free site.

I was especially interested in this because one of the last projects at my last job was to project manage the development of an application that did basically this, albeit at a higher level of sophistication.

DAYTUM is free, wasn’t too bad to set up–might fill someone’s need sometime.



December Totals

December 31, 2010 § Leave a comment

I survived December without completely collapsing–I ended up taking 10 days off from the 21st through the 30th.   I totaled 51.75 (51.84) miles. The sad part is I had a week off during that time but sometimes free time is the hardest time to get around to a run.

Due to weather, my pace has deteriorated horribly–an average of 8:45.  Snowbanks, ice, blizzards, hail all conspired to make running fast an infrequent event–only 2 miles faster than 7:30 and five miles between 7:30 and 7:59.  y long run was 8 miles in 1:10:04 at 8:46 pace.  I struggled through one run of 6.5 miles largely on a snow-covered bike trail at 10:22 pace.

Winter in Wisconsin, and now Minnesota, is mostly about doing your time and building strength.  I’m looking forward to a thaw.


November Totals

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As expected, my mileage dipped in November.  Weather, childrens’ activities and holidays start interfering.  Plus my own lack of gumption as the long, dark tea-time of the soles approach.  During the workweek, my only option for running is from work.  It is dark when I get there and dark when I get home.

I did run 60.9 miles at an average pace of 8:08.  That average pace benefited from decent weather/footing for most of the month, although I did have my first snow run albeit with good traction.  No races that included slow warm-up miles helped.  The only super slow mileage would be 0.25 I did at 12:42 pace with my 5-year-old.


October Totals

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October has been a month of transition for me–I finished the Salomon Autumn Trail Series mid-month and have not scheduled any other races although I may try to sneak something in.

My final race in that series was a stinker–I had been sick the two days before it and would not have run it if I did not have a streak of running all previous 7 editions of it.  I found out later that dental problems cause my illness–a good chunk of one tooth had broken off.  Not sure how I did not notice.  Once I got a filling, I felt better.

The fear with no races planned is that I will find it too easy to let up.  So I’m pretty satisfied with my monthly mileage of 84.6 miles at an average pace of 8:23.  That falls to 77.3 miles at 8:09 pace if I throw out warm-ups and a walk-jog I did with a fellow runner I bumped into during a Sunday long run.

September Totals

October 2, 2010 § Leave a comment

Had my second decent month in a row. Eighty seven (87.7) miles for the month at an average pace of 8:15. Ran the Salomon Autumn Series race 3 times. Still have a little pain in right hip, both Achilles tendons are sore–left one has a painful hot-spot. Not really cross-training or stretching like I probably should. Year-to-date mileage is a paltry 382 miles at average pace of 8:18.

Reporting average pace is kinda silly–there is so much that goes into it. Race days are usually slower than average–I do a mile plus of warm up at a slooooow pace 10:54 this past week, for example. If I throw out my warm-ups, my average pace for the year falls to 8:10 and 8:00 for September. But I guess if I’m gonna count the mileage, gotta count it both ways.

A good, solid month for me, I want to string some of these together before thinking about increasing my mileage–also need to clean up my left Achilles problem.

I’m not too worried, anyhow, about average pace, I just find in more informative in retrospect than something I strive for during the course of a month.

May Totals

May 31, 2010 § Leave a comment

I wrapped up May with 55.5 miles at an average pace of 8:20 per mile. I had run only 79ish miles in the first 4 months so I was able to pick it up a little. My goal pace was 8:15.

Long run was 8 miles on 5/30 at 8:19. Other notables were a 4-miler at 7:48 on 5/22 and a 3-miler with Key on 5/12. We got her a bigger bike and now she can keep up with me so I’m hoping to make her my regular training partner.

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