26.2 x 365

February 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

Holy Cow!

Belgian runner, Stefaan Engels, ran 365 marathons in 365 day.

I ran 1+ miles in 456 days & it almost wrecked me.  To run 365 marathons in 365 is phenominal.  That’s over 9,500 miles for the year.  His fastest was sub-3:00.

Congratulations, Engels!

My favorite quote in the story: “I recovery quickly”.



Tracking mileage with DAYTUM

January 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

I came across DAYTUM, an online tool that allows you to track things and display graphs/charts showing your progress.  While not especially designed for running or exercising, it does work for a very basic tracking system for those.  You could embed the graphs into a webpage or, I believe, on your iProduct desktop, if you wanted to–to embed into a wordpress blog, you need a plug-in that WordPress.com does not offer as a an option on their free site.

I was especially interested in this because one of the last projects at my last job was to project manage the development of an application that did basically this, albeit at a higher level of sophistication.

DAYTUM is free, wasn’t too bad to set up–might fill someone’s need sometime.


2010 Totals

December 31, 2010 § Leave a comment

I ran 576.25 miles in 2010, my highest mileage since 2007 (845) at an average pace of 8:20.  The second half of the year, I totaled 416.75 miles.  My goal every year is to log at least 1,000 miles–not a huge number but a total I have only accomplished four times in my 27 years of running.

I raced seven times–once in March (6 miles, 46:25, 7:43 pace), once in August (5k, 21:08, 6:47), and five CC races–the Salomon Autumn Trail Series (4 times, 3.6 miles, 25:08 best, 7:02), and one race in the Life Time Fitness Trail Series (4.9 miles, 36:05, 7:21).

Overall, I am basically satisfied with my running–I switched jobs, moved 200 miles–I did the move myself, moving everything first to a storage unit then to our new home–and inherited a 50 minute+ commute so the fact I was able to run semi-consistently the second half of the year.  There is room for improvement but life is a balancing act.


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