I run.  I am a runner. At least I think of myself as a runner. I am also a husband, a father of two, a cartographer/computer programmer and many other things. But my running defines me more than anything else. It is more personal, is the most me. It is about how I relate to myself.  I run.


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  • Hey Matt!
    Thanx so much for the affirmation! I really get caught up in this thing because “others” said I could/wanted me to. I can’t believe I was being so hypocritical by going for the idea(or looking for approval)? Any way it’s becoming clearer and clearer that I should when, where, and how far I want, because it’s the run that I love, and the clarity and connection with myself that I get from it….I’m going to start reading your blog, sounds like we may think alike as well. Nice to meet you, hope I can call you friend…

    Just Norm

    P.S. Please excuse the raw unstructured nature of my pod cast, I’m just starting, and it’s an evolving work of progress

  • Dani Luffey says:

    Hi there! Love it when I see someone dedicated to running and their blog — awesome! Anyway, I’m contacting you and other runners to help promote the 13.1 Minneapolis race on Aug. 21st. There’s basically 2 reasons why I’m reaching out and both are great: the first is because I have discounted and freebie registrations to you and your readers/subscribers. The other is because I’m looking for great triumph stories of 13.1 racers. If you or anyone you know has overcome a hardship or hurdle to run the race, I want to know! Please contact me for more details and run hard!

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