Race Report: Ron Daws 25k

April 4, 2011 § 1 Comment

After admiring Ron Daws for nearly two decades, being aware of this race for a few years, I have finally had a chance to run it.  I’ve followed the race from afar and know of its reputation of being a tough, hilly race.

It lived up to its reputation.

I used the McMillian Running Calculator to estimate a time–a little over two hours.  So I semi-targeted two hours or 7:45 pace but since I knew it was a tough course and I haven’t run over 13 in this training cycle, I was ready to back off from that.

Making it a little easier to break down mentally, I figured I just needed to run five 24:00 5ks in a row.

The weather was good–upper 30s at the start.  I got to the race on time.  Was able to take care of pending bodily functions.  I debated what to wear on my upper body–I had two shirts, one short-sleeved and one long-sleeved, but didn’t know if I should keep on my wind-breaker jacket.  During a very short warm-up (6 very slow minutes) I decide to keep the jacket because there was a slight wind.

Whether it was my own misunderstanding or the race actually starting late, I was ready to go around 8:00 but we didn’t push off until around 8:15.  The start was interesting–first the race director, Jeff Winter, I believe, was charmingly curmudgeony about avoiding cars and the fact that there were too many runners this year.  And then we had a mass false-start.

But once we got going, I started out pretty well–running each of the first four miles between 7:35 and 7:52 for an average of 7:46 through 4 miles.  But a hill in mile five and some realization that I needed to back off and I ran the next 10 miles at an 8:17 pace (8:10-8:33).  The fifteenth mile was a tad slow, 8:42 as I struggled up the final climb but covered the last three-quarters of a mile at a 8:15 pace so my legs weren’t completely de-spunkified.

My 5k splits were:






Overall, I loved the race.  The course was everything I hoped it to be–tough, I definitely got some serious strength work in.  I can definitely imagine Daws running over those same hills.  The fees were next to nothing ($4).  Had some good conversations during the first half of the run.

The final race results were even posted relatively fast, albeit not necessarily accurate—I had a watch time of 2:08:57 but listed at 2:08:24.  I’m guessing that there was a place problem and I got the time for the runner who finished 2 slots ahead of me.

My legs were beaten the rest of the day, I took Sunday off, and struggled through 3.25 today.  It will be interesting to see how these old legs respond in tomorrow’s hill work.



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