2010 Totals

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I ran 576.25 miles in 2010, my highest mileage since 2007 (845) at an average pace of 8:20.  The second half of the year, I totaled 416.75 miles.  My goal every year is to log at least 1,000 miles–not a huge number but a total I have only accomplished four times in my 27 years of running.

I raced seven times–once in March (6 miles, 46:25, 7:43 pace), once in August (5k, 21:08, 6:47), and five CC races–the Salomon Autumn Trail Series (4 times, 3.6 miles, 25:08 best, 7:02), and one race in the Life Time Fitness Trail Series (4.9 miles, 36:05, 7:21).

Overall, I am basically satisfied with my running–I switched jobs, moved 200 miles–I did the move myself, moving everything first to a storage unit then to our new home–and inherited a 50 minute+ commute so the fact I was able to run semi-consistently the second half of the year.  There is room for improvement but life is a balancing act.



December Totals

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I survived December without completely collapsing–I ended up taking 10 days off from the 21st through the 30th.   I totaled 51.75 (51.84) miles. The sad part is I had a week off during that time but sometimes free time is the hardest time to get around to a run.

Due to weather, my pace has deteriorated horribly–an average of 8:45.  Snowbanks, ice, blizzards, hail all conspired to make running fast an infrequent event–only 2 miles faster than 7:30 and five miles between 7:30 and 7:59.  y long run was 8 miles in 1:10:04 at 8:46 pace.  I struggled through one run of 6.5 miles largely on a snow-covered bike trail at 10:22 pace.

Winter in Wisconsin, and now Minnesota, is mostly about doing your time and building strength.  I’m looking forward to a thaw.



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Do you have so many Marathon Medals lying around that you don’t know what to do with them?  How about donating them to Medals4Mettle, a non-profit organization that takes the medals and presents them to those who are in a “their own marathon to continue to live their life”.

Runners and Tri-athletes can donate medals earned from marathons, half-marathons, or triathlon events.  Medals4Mettle takes these medals, puts on their own Medals4Mettle ribbon, and distributes them through their network of physicians to patients who are battling against illness to acknowledge the courage they display in their battles.

They also accept cash donations and have local chapters in several cities through the US and Canada.

Give them a look.


An apology to Steve Runner and Dr. George Sheehan.

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A couple weeks ago, on November 24,  I wrote, “Steve Runner, perhaps this generation’s Dr. George Sheehan…”

Steve Runner, in his typical modest way, tweeted back, “Thank you @Sisu_Runner for the VERY kind words; but I lack the brilliance and style of the good Dr. Sheehan! http://bit.ly/hTVAUo :)”

And, after further review, I want to retract, or at least refine, what I wrote.

I’ll preface this by saying I love Dr. Sheehan‘s writings and thoroughly enjoy Steve Runner’s podcast.  Dr. Sheehan is one of my running heroes.  He is also one of my favorite authors of all time.  I hold Dr. Sheehan in very high regard.  I still have a folder of his articles that I saved from Runner’s World.  I have not felt as connected to any writer the way I have with Dr. Sheehan.

Steve Runner‘s podcast, Phedippidations, is an excellent listen.  Prior to participating in an hour-long commute, I occasionally would catch it an episode but it is now chronically on my mp3 player.  I look forward to the shows–they almost make my commute enjoyable.

So, with a round of praise complete, let me say that in no way is anything else I write intended to demean or criticize either of these mens’ art and/or work.

I think it was unfair of me to compare Steve Runner to Dr. Sheehan and I apologize.  If I making a Mount Rushmore of my running heroes, I would include Dr. Sheehan, Ron Daws, Arthur Lydiard, and Jim Fixx.

If comparing Steve Runner to Dr. Sheehan puts any expectations and/or pressure on Steve (doubtful he will ever know of it or care about it) to live up to that billing, I apologize.  While I do see some commonalities between the two–most notably a passion for running–I think the two are different enough that we (I) should just appreciate each for their own style and contributions.

Dr. Sheehan’s death has left me without a Running Guru for a long time.  Steve Runner is a guy down the block going for a run with 10 of his closest friends. Steve can not completely fill the loss of Dr. Sheehan but he is replacing part of that gap with something different, something enjoyable, and something that it uniquely Steve Runner.  And that’s pretty damn good without trying to recast it as something else.

So thanks, Steve Runner, hope to have a Sam Adams with you sometime.


5k…We’re On Our Way! (Classroom Project at DonorsChoose.org)

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I received a $15 coupon this weekend while shopping at Borders.  The coupon can be used to make a donation at DonorsChoose.org.

I did not know about Donors Choose before.  They allow public school teachers to post a project they want to do in their classroom.  The teacher specifies a budget for the project.  Then people/donors can search the projects and donate to any the want to support.

I choose 5k…We’re On Our Way! The teacher wants to show her students that her students “that they CAN complete a 5K race, I know that we can raise their self esteem and tolerance, improve classroom performance, and empower them to make changes in our community, not just become another statistic.”

I know running has improved my life a lot and hope it can help her students.


Drinking and Peeing

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I have been thinking about hydration lately.

I like to drink, can drink large amount, but I usually do not drink enough.

Like most runners, I know the importance of staying well-hydrated both during a run and through-out the day but unless the temperatures are high or I’m going for a ten-miler or longer, I normally make only a slight effort to compensate for the water lost through sweating.

Thinking it would help me lose a few pounds, I have been making a conscientious effort the last couple months to drink more water each day.  During my morning commute, I drink a 40oz bottle of water (refillable metal bottle filled with filtered tap water).  I have failed to do this only a few times.

During the weekend, however, without the supporting structure provided by my commute, my hydration efforts have been haphazard.

While I have no evidence–either empirical or anecdotal–that my hydration efforts have had any affect on either my weight goals or running performance, they have highlighted times when I am dehydrated.  On a typical workday, I will need to make a few trips in the first hour as the water flows through me to prevent an embarrassing puddle under my desk.  However, often on Mondays following my Sunday long run, I end up making a single trip–my body is absorbing most of those 40 ounces.

So even if my workday efforts have no other hydration benefit, they have alerted me to the fact that I don’t drink enough on the weekends (something seldom heard from someone who grew up in Wisconsin).

As is often the case, however, I’ve found some unintended and unexpected benefits from my work-morning hydration.

I am a computer programmer–I sit at a computer all day, often intently focused on my code.  So the occasional forced break is good.  I have also made a point of doing some mild stretching during the process.   I also have been doing 3 set of 15 or toe raisers on the stairs per trip–hopefully they will help relieve the chronic Achilles problems I have had in both legs.

On a tangentially-related side note, I am paying extra attention to how sweaty my clothes are after running.  The layers–3 on top lately–trap some of the sweat and help reveal how much sweating actually occurs during winter runs.  This helps remind me that I should replenish my fluids.

November Totals

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As expected, my mileage dipped in November.  Weather, childrens’ activities and holidays start interfering.  Plus my own lack of gumption as the long, dark tea-time of the soles approach.  During the workweek, my only option for running is from work.  It is dark when I get there and dark when I get home.

I did run 60.9 miles at an average pace of 8:08.  That average pace benefited from decent weather/footing for most of the month, although I did have my first snow run albeit with good traction.  No races that included slow warm-up miles helped.  The only super slow mileage would be 0.25 I did at 12:42 pace with my 5-year-old.


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