Weigh In 9/30/2010

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I don’t get too worried about bouncing around a few pounds–probably should only post this once a month. While I’m fairly confident in my scale’s consistency for weight, I’m not sure about the % body fat or % water. When i get a chance, I want to use health Central’s Home Body Fat Test that actually requires you to measure body parts as part of the calculation.

162.4 lbs, 20.1% BF (32.6 lb), and 54.7%.


I used a tape measure and used the website above. The downside to their site is that or some of the data entry, it only accepts integers. As such, I went through it twice, once rounding down, once rounding up, just to see the effect.

Weight: 162
Waist: 34.5
Hips: 37.5
Forearm: 11.25
Wrist: 7

Body Fat, Rounding down: 15.1%
Rounding up: 16.6%


Weekly Report, September 26, 2010

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“That’s fine” was the motto of the week.  Seemed like I kept saying that to myself whenever I check my splits/pace this week.  I’m trying to run my easy runs around 8:30ish but I swayed a lot–mostly running faster.  All of my runs except Saturday were between 8:13 and 7:45, my distance long run on Sunday was at 8:02.  But I kept saying “that’s fine” because all the miles FELT easy.  I’m really just trying to build base here, as you will see when I paste some historic monthly totals, I haven’t been very consistent in my running and I’m just tryig to log 20ish miles per week for several months in a row before doing any real training.

Thursday’s run was the highlight–running in a nice, steady drizzle with some nice puddleage to splash in.

Weeks total: 24.78, average 8:06.  7:23 fast mile.

Month to date:  75.42 (8:12), Year to date: 366.71 (8:17)

Daily Runs:

Monday 4.25

Tues 3

Wed 3

Thur 3.25

Fri Off

Sat 3

Sun 8.25

Weigh In 9/23/2010

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I have tried to lose weight for too long. Mostly, I hover around 160–I would like to get down to 155ish. Actually, I’m more interested in losing bulk around my midsection than weight but weight serves as a good proxy even though a mirror can quickly tell me what I need to know.

So I plan on starting to regularly post my weight/percent body fat/body fat weight/percent body hydration. Yesterday, I weighed in (on my $20 Taylor scale from Menards) at:

161.8 lbs, 20.1% BF (32.5 lb), and 54.6%.

My weight-management strategy is four-fold:

1) Drink a good amount (32oz) of water in the morning as I commute to work hoping to fill my belly with 0 calories and prevent any pseudo-weight loss in the form of dehydration.
2) I let myself be hungry at times.
3) Portion control–instead of eating until I’m stuffed, eat just until I’m not hungry.
4) Eat a lot of healthy filler–basically fruit and vegetables. The good stuff that I do not need to be concerned about eating.

I’m hoping for a sensible, 1 pound per month reduction. That would mean next spring I would have a little less to haul around when I run.

Nike Air Pegasus 27+

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Picked up my latest pair of Nike Pegasuses last week from Gear West in Long Lake. One of my anxieties in moving 130 miles west is that I was losing Fast Fred, my shoe guy. I’ve run in the same shoes (Nike Pegasus, size 11, wide/2E) for over a decade. While Pegasus are available everywhere, the wide part throws the big box guys usually. Besides Fred works at a locally owned store and is a great guy that has been running longer than the teen-age clerks at the big boxes have been alive.

The first thing that has struck me about the latest Pegasus model is the plainness of it. Seemed like a step backwards in time. I thought that I was more concerned with function than form and while the shoes have worked fine in the few runs I have used them for, I was initially disappointed in their appearance.

The funny thing about wearing 11 2Es is that I use to wear 10 1/2 (or maybe even 10) regulars and had horrible blister problems between my toes. While still in college, I thought I would save some money and bought a pair of wides at Rogan’s and my blister problems shockingly disappeared. I had accepted the blisters as a side-effect of running and hadn’t considered that I may have been running in too small of shoe. I moved up to size 11 when Fred only had that size in stock and I thought I would give it a try.

So far, the new shoes are running fine–I still have some Achilles soreness, more in my right leg, but it is not getting any worse. I do kind of wonder if the protective part on the back of the shoe is related to the problem at all.

Marathon and Beyond Podcasts

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As someone, due to my new 60-minute daily commute, who has recently discovered the beauty of podcasts, I was happy to discover Marathon and Beyond’s Monday Podcast.  I’ve downloaded them & look forward to listening.  If the podcasts are as good as their print stories, they’ll be a welcome addition to my podcast rotation.

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