What would Malcolm run with a shaved head?

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I was just listening to the audio of a speech Malcolm Gladwell, perhaps my favorite living writer, gave in Philly about his book Outliers. I may have suspected it before but this was the first time I heard Gladwell say that he is a runner. I went over to his blog and found this awesome photo from his earlier running career as the latest post. This looks too good to be real–the hair, the expression. Wow!!!



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I am cautiously calling myself recovered in time for August. I rand 2.5 on Wednesday with minor tightness but no pain. I spent about 30 minutes do various stretches later that night. Thursday I felt better than I had Wednesday morning but still halfheartedly spent 15 minutes stretching last night.

Some minor soreness today and felt some tightness, especially early and as I ran uphill in my 2.75 run today. But I noticed during the longest climb–starting at just after 2 miles–that I had stopped paying attention to my calf. The pain was gone. Still have a variety of sorenesses and my conditioning stinks but as I sit here, I honestly don’t feel anything in my calf. I think careful running and minor stretching was a faster road to recovery than either shutting it completely down or trying to run through it. Still might take the day off tomorrow but, depending on how I feel, might try for 4 or 5 on Sunday.


July 27, 2010 § 3 Comments

As I am busy not running, thought I would squeak in a bit about my most important training partner. My Garmin 405.
I’ve been running with various technologies for awhile–use to carry a Garmin eTrex in my hand close to 10 years ago. I held off on buying a GPS watch until they looked like, well not a GPS watch. Got one as soon as they first came out.

I love it now and more than once I’ve panicked and wondered if I should bother running when I’ve forgotten it at home.

But it wasn’t always like that largely because the software that comes with it is awful. It downloaded the data, plotted it on a crude map, and displayed the splits, etc. But just poor, very poor software. There is an online option that I never quite figured out. You would think with all the time & effort put into the watch, that a little effort would have been made on the software.

But, alas, all was not lost. Zone Five Software put out a great application that integrates with the Garmin 405 and other GPS devices called SportTracks. I’ve used it for over a year and a half and it really has been the saving grace for me and my use of my Garmin watch. It has all the features I want, it allows for plug-ins, and, to top it off, is free. Although I see a new version is coming out next month but as long as it is as functional as the current version, I would be happy to pay just $30 for it.

Well, I’ve taken two off days & leg is feeling pretty good, think I’ll test it in just over 12 hours from now.


Healing. Or not.

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So my calf injury is taking awhile to heal. I took five days off then ran on the sixth. It was sore the day after but I tried to go again. Mistake. Since then I’ve tried, more or less, to run every other day. The debate I’m having is whether I should just shut it down or keep doing the every-other day thing.

The day after a run it is sore & I limp a bit in the morning. The next day, it is sore but I walk normal. I guess since I only made it through 1 mile yesterday, I will take two days off.

I have been icing and taking Vitamin I on a regular basis. Also have been doing strengthening exercises with the rubber bands.


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My right hip has been bothering me some lately, presumably because I have been running more the last two weeks than I have for a long time.  It has slowed me down but has been more of a minor discomfort.

However, today it stopped me.  I took the day off yesterday from running–although I biked 8 miles as a form of active recovery.  Well today, the right hip felt funky but a little over a mile into the run, the pain went to my right calf in a sharp cramp.  I turned around quickly and ended up walking the final half mile.  Hopefully additional stretching tonight and maybe a day completely off tomorrow will help.


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I’ve recently acquired a 50(morning) to 60 (evening) commute and have been looking for ways to fill the drive time with a little variety beyond Public Radio, Garage Logic, and FM radio.

So far, I have listening to Phedippidations, a podcast by Steve Walker at  steverunner.com.  I’ve listened sporadically to Steve in the past but because I never had a dedicated time that worked for me to listen on a consistent basis.

I enjoy Steve’s “thoughts, opinions, observations and rambling diatribes composed on distance long runs.”  Much of the audio is actually record while Steve is running which, despite Steve’s background as a radio broadcast engineer, helps provide a home-spun feel to his genuine shows.

I definitely recommend his show.


July 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

Doh! One of the downsides of running from work is the potential to be unprepared, leaving shoes, shorts, or, today, socks at home. Luckily, socks are something I can get by without. At least on a short, 4 miler.

Way back when I thought I was indestructible–which incidentally led to my destruction but that is another story for another time–I use to occasionally run barefoot and get away with it. Would do it anywhere–sidewalks, streets, trails, track, the only place where it was difficult was where there were a lot of small rocks. The football fields at Hobbs was the best place though. I got away from this, although I hear it is somewhat the rage now with Nike and others making shoes to simulate barefoot running.

I think I owe my own barefoot experiment, as most of my crazy ideas, to Ron Daws. Lately though, the only barefoot running I’ll be doing is in my shoes.

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